Friday, August 19, 2011


“I was able to write and receive a $75,000 grant from HSBC then 8,000 Euros from Henkel to support our program with 910 children and 9,100 family beneficiaries. God bless and more power.” Carla Asperilla

I’m offering again my grant writing class for organizations and individuals seeking grants from both local and international funding sources. With over 30 years of grant writing experience for a variety of organizations I worked for or supported, from the arts to environment to education and to health causes, I’ve mastered what funders like to read and be convinced of.

Funders want to see a track record of your work, your unique ways in addressing a problem and your success stories. They want to know the problem you face, how you will address it and most importantly, how your efforts will contribute to the eradication or elimination of the problem. The latter is a tall order but funders these days want your efforts to be part of the solution and not a stop-gap measure. I’ll teach you to write precisely and with brevity yet encapsulating all that’s required above to present a winning proposal.

My whole-day proposal writing includes understanding the history and evolution of philanthropy, a review of successful proposals, current appropriate verbiage to be used, and how your organization is the most capable of tackling the problem. You’ll learn how to propose RESULTS rather than suggesting the problem as endemic.

For this writing class, we will review the current application for the $1 million dollar grant award of the Gates Foundation for libraries offering free internet usage and teaching to the poor (deadline is Sept. 30, 2011). We will learn to answer their proposal as a writing exercise. For those who are libraries and serious in applying, this class will be appropriate for you.

The site of the class is the Ateneo Graduate School at Rockwell in Makati. It will be at the Blue Room (2nd floor) and the class starts at 9:00 am ending at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, August 24, 2011. The fee is PhP 3,000 and includes numerous documents and materials (transferred to your USB stick) relevant to the course. One full free scholarship is available to an NGO upon review of its qualifications and need.

Reservations necessary: Please text/call John L. Silva at 0926 729 9029 or e-mail him at