Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Travel Journal to Chengdu

I'm on a bus on Edsa headed north to Clark Airport. I'm off to Chengdu thanks to Air Asia. And this will be an ongoing account. No rumination, just straight from the hip and we'll see if it's as interesting as my thought pieces.

I can get a Philtranco bus here in Pasay just ten minutes from the house. It's 450 pesos (ten USD). It left exactly at 6:30 although their website said a six and a seven am departure. Need to tighten that up.

But here I am on EDSA which I usually drive on, now driven, doing well, no traffic and will have about three hours wait for the 12:05 flight. So far, the bus to the airport scheme is fine which has usually been the hesitation to getting a flight out of Clark.

As long as I have Globe Tattoo working and connected, this hour and a half trip isn't a hassle

The ticket lady in the bus hesitated. She apologized about asking. I asked what. Did I have a senior card?

This whole senior thing is new to me. I haven't gotten my senior card yet, probably out of denial or just not getting around to it. I was also struck by her question. For years people have always commented I was younger than my looks. Now the perception by others seem closer to reality. I told her I didn't but that I had a drivers license that showed my age. She looked at it without checking my face and gave me an 80 peso discount. Oh well, who's complaining?

Huge billboards of our Azkals soccer team with hunky bodies wearing only briefs. When the whole country was watching them win last week against Sri Lanka, we not only saw their skills but already had a fix on their bods.

I'll be boarding in an hour. Got to Clark about 2 hours and 15 min later.
Clark International Airport unfortunately is not up to snuff. We get off the bus and you see at a distance, all these scrapped airplanes and it looks like a junkyard. There's a mini store and got a bite but the flies were not enticing. I had asked for Globe prepaid card and the clerk tells me that he'll sell it if it's our "secret." Seems the competition is pissed that such a card is being sold and somehow has muscle power. Will report this to Globe.

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