Monday, July 04, 2011

One Irreverent and Funny Talk Coming Up!

What an absolutely great talk that was last Saturday July 2. It was important for me to describe the show since opening night was devoted solely to greeting guests and signing my book.

It's good to summarize the show in my head, become detached, see it from a larger perspective, talk out loud about the whys and the where for. In preparing for the show I realized how much writers like Walt Whitman, E. M. Forster and Margueritte Yourcenar, their writings, and their love lives had much to do with the making of this exhibit and the book.

So, the talk was packed with people and since there was much hearty applause, I will repeat the talk on July 23 and 30 2011. At 3:00 pm at Silverlens Gallery. See attachment.

Hope you can make it, see the photos on display, even the originals, and purchase a book which I will gladly sign. If you can't make either dates, the show is up till July 30. The gallery is close on Sundays.

Several gay friends and have brought their straight friends to the show (and vice versa) with the intention of coming out. They did, lots of happy tears, and the show has even another reason for its success.

See you there!

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