Monday, April 04, 2011

Letter to Ben Chan of Bench, one of the Willing Willie Advertisers

Ben Chan



Dear Ben,

You’ve had some incredible hunks up on your billboards, sixty feet high, really great eye candy. All my beef about billboards destroying the landscape and causing accidents and even toppling over people get a momentary pause when Piolo appears in your face larger than life showing off his pecs.

But lately, you lost it. I drove down EDSA one day and my jaw dropped seeing Willie Revillame on your billboard hawking cologne. WILLIE?

Did this country suddenly run out of cuties? How could you, the master of the male beauty cult, have equated Willie with the likes of Richard Gomez?

And now, I see Willie and I see pudge.

Ben, no matter what Audition tells you, WILLIE’S NOT CUTE. He’s nowhere close to the hunk material you’ve foisted on our nanosecond fantasies which made us buy the briefs and everything else.

Since he’s not cute nor my fantasy I think of everything else he represents. Like 74 women and children trampled to death on his dangling-money TV show. Or him sneering at President Corazon Aquino’s funeral. Or now, making a little boy cry while coaxing him to macho dance.

When you made Willie part of your sales harem, people got a whiff of reality. We all realized that you would overlook all the scandals and sleaze that Willie represented and market a cologne named after him. It was about making money and, sadly, nothing else.

That’s pathetic Ben. You got a clothes and lifestyle empire with family auxiliaries like Oishi and you could be headed for prominence, written and lauded about for being the country’s eminent guru in creating wealth through beautifully photographed bodies.

Instead, you’ve decided to cast your sales fate with a guy riddled in scandal and whose show has been slammed by the country’s social welfare department (DSWD) and Human Rights Commission as having committed serious child abuse.

And pissing off a lot of people, many of them your customers.

Unlike Jollibee who nobly decided to pull out their ads, it seems you’re still plugging the cologne on a show you actually keep alive.

No matter how much you’ll spray his cologne on that set, we have the abused crying Jan-Jan on YouTube and on rerun and the smell of sleaze isn’t going away soon.

Why don’t you just realize the serious pickle your company is in and withdraw your support for the slimiest show in the world? You must have some smarts to make money elsewhere without having to use bullies that abuse boys.

Ben, listen: MACHO DANCING IS PROSTITUTION WITH A DANCE BEAT. And in our country with pedophilia around, it’s bad enough that a boy, somewhere at this very moment, is actually doing the dance FOR REAL. What’s the point simulating it on national TV? To make more call boys? Is that your company strategy of what the youth market should be?

See how low your empire has stooped to for the bucks?

You stick to Willie and we’ll shop at Pennshoppe and all the other alternative places. We’ll forego Oishi and get Jack and Jill. Have you checked out the massive, angry, world-wide talk about Willie on Facebook? Boycotting your goods is no idle threat. And it will only expand. Think Egypt.

There’s some great billboards out there. The new Folded and Hung guy with the six-pack leaves me breathless.

All you got is Willie and his pudge and a crying boy seared in our memory.

Don’t associate with sleaze. You’ll ruin your whole life’s work.

John L. Silva


Anonymous said...

Something to ponder.... KUDOS

Rain said...

that's the same thing i would have said, but of course you wrote it better! i hope he gets to read this.

Anonymous said...

The catholic priests sexually abused and molested children all over the world! Even the Vatican and the Pope himself know of these shameful and sacrilegious acts yet still harbor these pedophiles, conceals their sexual behaviour patterns and uses the strategies of duplicity and counterattack against the victims. Why not also tell the catholics to stop going to church and once and for all denounce their religion? Why pick on a mere dust in the wind like Revillame's case?

Anonymous said...

' i like the poor, they make me rich, but i wouldnt want them as friends or my neighbours'

money and greed at the expense of culture.

wailing willie should be sued for abuse and
devaluing the county's culture.