Friday, October 01, 2010


The excommunication of Martin Luther, 1521

Dear Bishops,

I would like you to excommunicate me.

I’ve had enough of your antics, the latest having jailed my RH activist friend Carlos Celdran and threatening to excommunicate our President. So let’s dissolve this relationship once and for all.

I am doing this with a sound mind and have since age 12, not participated in any Catholic practices from going to church, receiving communion and donating to your cause.

I’d like to end this relationship with the Church for many reasons but the most blatant are the following:

1. The Church is anti-women. It deprives them of information on how to be healthy and to decide how many, if any children they will have. Because of that deprivation, close to 500,000 married Filipina women commit abortions each year. Ironically, your deprivation of their right to know promotes abortion. Many women have died because of this situation so I also accuse the Church of wholesale murder.

2. You condemn homosexuals. I’m one so lets not pussyfoot on this issue. You think I sin and I think your sin blaming is a lot of malarkey and hypocritical. By keeping quiet, you have allowed priests to have sex with boys. Yet you don’t want me to have sex with my male lover. The Church has a consistency problem.

3. You now threaten to excommunicate President Benigno Aquino for his stand on providing contraceptives to the poor. Your threat is arrogant and anti-Filipino. You seem to have forgotten that the struggle for Philippine independence was very much anti-clerical.

You know what? Spare the President and let him do his job in this area. If you need a culprit just excommunicate me instead since I’m fine with it. You can still fulfill your quota of errant souls.

4. You are anti-poor. See No. 3.

I’d like to be excommunicated because I want to join the ranks of distinguished individuals like Martin Luther and Galileo who got axed but were later vindicated. I sense I will be vindicated as well but may not see it in my lifetime, so I’d rather have the excommunication done now. I know for sure you will eat crow later.

Please inform me when you’ll have the excommunication ceremony so I can attend it and have it on video. I’d like to put it on my blog and on FB. I guess the attire is formal but do let me know if the ceremony will be inside an aircon dungeon or outside near a burning stake.

Before you go on with the ceremony, I’d like a few minutes of airtime. I’m going to make fun of your ermine gowns and make mincemeat on your silly ideas of infallibility. For sound bites, I’ll out a couple of your queer priests. And I’d like to tell you all to your faces that you’ve ceased long ago to become the force for good for our country and for the world.

Please do not attempt to further pray for my soul or hope for a reconciliation or that I will ever reverse my feelings on the matter.

I have long decided to do good for others, to love who I please, and to help in some small way to protect the earth which your Church has been remiss in all these areas. I categorically do not want the slightest association with some man-made contrivance that espouses hate and condemnation and so diametrically different with what I do.

You may think you have the ultimate carrot – the Salvation Card – dangling over me when I die.

Well Bishops, go eat your carrots. It’s good for your eyesight. You certainly need it since you can’t seem to see the poor around you.

Let me call you next week to remind you. I so love pageantry, especially those quaint and ridiculous.

Your former Catholic,

John L. Silva