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No more horror stories about arts appreciation as cutting up letters and making posters! “Loving The Arts, A Workbook for Public School Teachers” by John L. Silva is now available and introduces the arts to more than just cutting cartolina.

Teachers in general get little or no arts education in college and so when in the classroom, they are not inclined to teach the subject as well. Studies have shown that public school students get only 15 minutes, if any, of arts education in one week. The result has been 16 million school children have scant understanding of their culture and history and a form of alternative education has been underutilized.

Arts education in public schools in the United States have shown increases in academic test scores, higher literacy rates, instills volunteerism and forms model citizens.

The 80-page, color illustrated workbook, the first of its kind in this country and sponsored by SuperFerry, has chapters on Developing Aesthetics, Appreciating Fernando Amorsolo, The Significance of Juan Luna’s Spoliarium, and Aesthetic Sensibilities Creates Civic Consciousness.

Aside from the theoretical chapters, the workbook is hands-on with chapters on Making A School Field Trip Educational, Learning Photography Through Your Cell Phone Camera, and for those in the provinces, How To Make Your Own School Museum. Even funding sources are given with a chapter on securing the Special Education Fund Tax, normally given to sports meets, but can also be used for arts appreciation.

John L. Silva, the author wrote the book after six years of teaching arts appreciation to over 5,000 teachers throughout the country. Much the workshops were coordinated with Synergeia, an education reform organization of which John is a trustee. The chapters were written according to what teachers needed and in an easy-to-read and concise style. Each page is lavishly illustrated, in some, a full page is devoted to an illustration making the workbook a portable visual aid for teachers.

“Students learn through a variety of ways,” says author John Silva, “and arts appreciation is very much as important as the other traditional modes of learning. Just look at the Spoliarium and be inspired by Juan Luna’s craft and its ability to instill a love for country. Neuroscientists have proven that an arts educated child uses more parts of the brain and therefore has higher test scores, has increased mental capacity and agility, and develops an enthusiasm for learning that lowers drop-out rates.”

The workbook is available for Php 450 each and a 10% discount given for more than ten copies. The workbook is also distributed during the whole-day teacher training workshops led by John. Corporations and private donors are encouraged to underwrite the workbook or the workshops. For further information, please call/text John Silva at 0926 729 9029 or e-mail him at

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